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       We are the BEST source of 420 products in Asia. Our diverse range features smoking pipes, incense, sarongs, flags, patches, bed spreads, etc. We also offer most competitive prices at low minimum requirements. We gurantee your absolute satisfaction with the quality of merchandise and prompt delivery with ready stock.
We have been in business for 12 years. Our customers include most reputed names
in North America, Japan, and Europe. So take this opportunity to benefit from our services!!

Purchase from Thailand
Enjoy the low prices direct from factories in Asia. Our smoking collection is among the widest in the industry with super low prices in very small minimum requirement. Who else would send you 3 pieces of hand metal pipe only for $1.50 each? Besides, we stock all our products for immediate shipping. The customs in some countries are strict on smoking products. Check the local law before ordering. We send out our metal pipes unassembled as "metal accessories parts" and other pipes as "decorations" for your information. Import duty is going to be customer side.
Minimum order is only $200!

FREE shipping if you order more than $500!

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  AMP616S17-Stainless screens 17.5mm

  Min : 12 pcs.


  AMP616S15-Stainless screens 15mm

  Min : 12 pcs.


  FSD022M-Rubber Sandal

  Min : 12 pcs.


  X110LS-Plastic bag

  Min : 12 pcs.


  X110SA-Plastic bag

  Min : 12 pcs.


  SEB805B-Ceramic incense burner

  Min : 12 pcs.


  FSD019M-Rubber Sandal

  Min : 12 pcs.


  FSD024L-Rubber Sandal

  Min : 12 pcs.



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All prices are in US dollars. 25mm is approximately 1 inch. Actual colors, sizes, and designs may vary from the photos in our web pages.



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