Mango Haze Strain Review

Mango Haze is a three-way cross between Northern Lights #5, Haze and Skunk #1. The strain was originally developed by Mr. Nice Seedbank and is now very popular among users and growers alike.



To begin with, Mango Haze is not one of the common strains out there. It is a highly potent variety that can contain as much as 24% concentration of THC. Hence, the strain may not be suitable for beginners who have a low tolerance to the strong psychoactive effects of this strain

At the onset, the cerebral high can be immediate and long lasting. Users will most likely feel uplifted due to its energy-boosting property that can further be manifested in an increased sense of creativity and focus. Some users will find themselves to be more sociable and chatty which makes this strain an excellent choice for social gatherings.

As for the body buzz that follows the overwhelming head high, it promotes a full-body relaxation without necessarily leading users into feeling sleepy. For that, the strain may be used in the evening without the worrying about unintentionally dozing off later on.


As mentioned, Mango Haze’s qualities stay true to its name, and that includes its aroma. Although it is genetically almost identical to the SSH strain, it has a very distinct mango aroma that sets it apart from the rest of its family tree.

This ripe mango fragrance is usually combined with some earthy undertones that result in a very pleasant aroma.


Mango Haze is possibly one of the tastiest strains out there. With its tropical citrus and fruity mango flavors, any user will be enjoying this strain. Not to mention its earthy haze undertone that slowly becomes a sweet sensation upon exhale.

Adverse Reaction

Being one of the strains in the market with very high THC concentration, Mango Haze initially comes with a warning sign. In addition to that, all cannabis varieties have the potential of causing some adverse reactions to its users. That being said, users of Mango Haze should be extra careful

To wit, it is known to cause dry mouth and dry eyes. However, in larger doses and perhaps among beginners, the effects of the strain may cause headaches, anxiety, dizziness and even paranoia.


The popularity of Mango Haze is apparently not only concentrated among recreational smokers but also among medical marijuana users. With a maximum CBD level of 0.15%, Mango Haze is not necessarily the most popular on that aspect.

However, the powerful combination of its Sativa and Indica effects make the strain a top choice among users dealing with certain health conditions. For one, the strong uplifting high of the strain promotes positive thoughts that can be a great stress-reliever and anti-depressant alternative.

At the same time, the strain also contains enough analgesic property that can help with pain management for those who are suffering from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue and even muscle spasms.


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