Purolator Express

Next Day Delivery to all major Canadian cities from Vancouver, BC.  (Maritime provinces require an additional day or two)

To provide the fastest delivery service for our clients, we use Purolator Express as our primary courier service.

Have your order placed and paid for before 12:00pm EST the same day, and we will be able to have your order at your doorsteps the very next day.

All orders placed after 12:00pm EST will be shipped out the following day.

All order are shipped from Vancouver, BC.

Condition & Restrictions

P.O. Boxes

Any orders with a PO Box shipping address will be shipped out via Canada Post Xpresspost 2-3 day.

Purolator is unable to access PO Boxes, as a result, we are unable to use their services for these address.

Residential Community Mail Boxes

Similar to P.O, Boxes, Purolator is unable to access residential community mail boxes.

As a result, we will be only able to ship via Canada Post Xpresspost to these addresses.

Atlantic Provinces

For our customers in the Atlantic Provinces, the same shipping service will take an additional day or two to arrive.

Your order will arrive at your doorstep in 2 to 4 days.

Yukon, N.W.T. and Nunavut

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide this service to the northern territories.

Canada Post Xpresspost will be used for these areas.

Input Correct Address

To prevent any delay in shipping, Please enter your address correctly.

Enter your house number and street name in the first address field. (example: 5432 Main Street)

If you live in an apartment, please use the second address field and input your buzzer/code so the courier can access your lobby. (example: Unit 321 Code 9876)

Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that some customers have a preference in the courier service they wish to use. All you need to do is let us know in the “order notes” section of your checkout.

Just type “Canada Post Only” and we will have it shipped out with Canada Post Xpresspost

If your order is undeliverable due for any reason, purolator will call the number provided to request an address confirmation.

If very straight forward, they just need to know if the address they have on the package is correct.

They usually ask for the name of the receiver and the correct address to deliver the package to.

They may ask what the are the contents inside the package, the best response would be to let them know your package contains, “vitamin and supplements”. Do not feel alarmed, it’s just their standard protocol in dealing with undeliverable mail.

After your order has been picked, packaged, and ready for our couriers to pickup from our offices, we provide you with a tracking number.

That tracking number will not register with our couriers until they have arrived at our offices and have scanned the parcel into their system. This usually happens at the end of the business day, 5pm PST.

For this reason, please check your tracking number at the end of the day to confirm that your order is on its way to you.