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Phantom Cookie Cannabis Strain

Phantom Cookies brings on a powerful mental high and keep the creative juice flowing from the mind. This Sativa-dominant strain dominates the physical high and should keep consumers in a state of happiness and elation. Considered an upper, this strain is not recommended for anyone predisposed to depression or anxiety disorders, though.

Tracing the lineage of this strain is confusing. By most accounts, Phantom Cookies is the offspring of Grand Daddy Purple and GDP hybrid Cherry Pie.

While the unclear origin of the strain makes this strain a phantom, the effects it gives to consumers is.


Phantom Cookies is one strain that Sativa lovers would appreciate. From the onset, it cannot be denied that the cerebral high it gives rushes in an incredible sense of happiness and to the point of feeling euphoric. At up to 18% THC level, while a little above average, the psychoactive ingredients of this strain is still potent. As the mental high intensifies, so does the heightened sense of focus and creative thoughts flood the mind. Use a little too much and one is bound to experience psychedelic high.

Some ten minutes later, as the Indica-property starts to make its presence felt, consumers generally would feel the mental high settling down a little. Despite the complete body relaxation, the mental high clearly dominates the effects of Phantom Cookies.

Novice users who are not used to the sudden rush of the cerebral high might have a moment of an elevated level of anxiousness, though. For that reason, beginners should start with a small quantity before progressing on.

Using too much could make consumers feel the head high reach narcotic-like psychedelic effects and leave them immobile on the couch.


The Phantom Cookies has a very unique and complex aroma. Users will notice a rich blend of earth and roasted nuts with hints of the sweet smell of berry and grape. Overall, Phantom Cookies is described as being one of the best-smelling cannabis strains.


Although some users would insist that the strain has the familiar cookie dough taste, others would beg to differ. Instead, what users will mostly taste is the sweet and fruity flavor of berry. The difference might be due to the different variants of this strain. However, regardless of which one consumer use, one thing is for sure. Phantom Cookies has a great taste that most people would find delightful.

Medicinal Qualities

Without going into the scientific details, the psychoactive ingredients of Phantom Cookies is further compounded by the variants. In other words, not all Phantom Cookies will have the same effect, as this is also dependent on the physiological makeup of consumers, and no one person is exactly the same as the next person.

Generally, because of the potency in which the strain could make consumers feel happy and euphoric, that in itself should be of benefit to instances when they are dealing with stress and anxiety. At the same time, this would be conducive to managing depression. But if the reaction is negative, then rather than being of benefit, it might also increase the same conditions, hence medical cannabis consumers need to use this strain with caution.

The strength of its mental high, as well as the body relaxation, also contributes to taking the mind away from the thoughts of the physical body pains and aches caused by certain illnesses. For this reason, those with chronic pains might find Phantom Cookies a useful strain for pain relief. Used in moderation, one thing this strain could do is to temporarily give consumers a boost in energy, much like how drinking a cup of coffee does.

Phantom Cookies also has several medical applications to complement its recreational ones. The strain’s initially cerebral feeling can help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on single tasks. This bud’s mellow vibe can also temporarily distract from the difficult symptoms of stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, the strain may lessen pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia or lupus. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, may improve minor irritations like cramps or headaches.

Because its mental effects can take a wrong turn into paranoia in the wrong circumstances, Phantom Cookies is not recommended for those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.


3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

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