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Romulan Cannabis Strain

Romulan is a mostly indica strain that produces enjoyable tranquilizing and mind-bending effects, which is another reason why it was so fittingly named after the alien Star Trek race. Fans of this strain love it for its reliable full body calm that is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and intoxicated.

Aptly named after the Star Trek humanoid race of Romulans, this strain produces a narcotic-like effect that is said to warp your head. This pure indica stems from legendary White Rhino mixed with a mysterious indica strain that is believed to be a North American indica.

Some growers say that there are versions of this strain that have a small hint of sativa in them, although most Romulan seeds have been of the 100% indica variant. This strain provides a deeply relaxing and calming effect, which is why it is so popular in the medical cannabis community – it is a soothing smoke, with many healing abilities.


Romulan doesn’t mess around – if you are looking to be productive on this strain, you will have to rethink that. This powerful indica will make you succumb to gravity without even a hint of a chance at fighting it – this strain’s high can produce a heavy body with a guaranteed couch lock – so it is best enjoyed when you can kick back and relax.

This strain will make you feel like you are in the middle of a full body massage, just as you’re lying down. Romulan is a perfect relaxant, truly undoing the knots in your back and making you feel like you are floating on a cloud in a heavy brain haze. If you keep smoking, you may get sleepy, so this makes for the perfect nighttime smoke all-together.

Romulan is also a reliable happiness-inducing smoke. It will relieve you of your negative thoughts and make you feel floaty and elated. You will feel like you can’t remember any of your worries, and will feel surges of euphoria, making you want to kick back and put your feet up to unwind, and you will also feel the munchies come on hard, so be sure to be ready for snacks.


Romulan has an aroma that varies at times, sometimes being described as cherry candy, and sometimes containing hints of grapes. Its main fragrance ranges in the fresh pine with a pungent and earthy note to it, making it an invigorating and relaxing smoke.


This strain has a very special earthy and rich flavor. Romulan often tastes woody and spicy, with hints of citrus that will refresh you with every inhale and exhale. This strain also has a bit of a sweet lemon shock to it, that will still to your tongue after the exhale.

Medicinal Qualities

Romulan is the perfect indica strain, allowing many patients who suffer from debilitating conditions to live their life more comfortably again. This successful medical strain is a very popular choice from those who need some help in managing their stress, as it is great at relaxing both the mind and the body.

This strain is an effective way to also rid yourself of your minor or chronic aches and pains. Romulan relaxes the body and soothes the muscles, making back ache, muscle spasms and migraines much more tolerable. If you suffer from insomnia, this strain can also help you as it can calm the mind so well to the point where you can finally find some slumber.

Romulan can also treat patients who suffer from mood-disorders. Depression can be treated very well with this smoke, as it can make you feel lighter and happier, with less worries in your head and the ability to look at things more positively. Anxiety and PTSD can also be mended with this strain, for the same exact reasons.



3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

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