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Tuna Cannabis Strain

Described as one of the best indica highs around, Tuna washes over users with dreamy introspection that’s euphoric and relaxing. Soon after you feel your mind melt away, your body will follow suit with a warming sensation that travels from head to toe. No matter how tough you think you are, you’ll become fully couch locked with a grin on your face and just enough energy to chat with the friend next to you.

Tuna Kush may not be the first strain that comes to mind when dealing with medical concerns, but despite her fragrance, she brings a fair amount of relief to a range of issues. Mental disorders including depression and anxiety vanish with her euphoric presence and although her scent might make you want to gag, soon after you’ll notice that nausea vanishes. A bit before bedtime can help to tame insomnia and instances of chronic or sporadic pain also go by the wayside pretty quickly.


Like most cannabis, Tuna delivers a mental hit at the onset, causing one to feel uplifted. The turn in mood is a good thing, as one starts to feel happier, or even elated. Unlike some others, especially the heavy Sativa strains, the cerebral high is gentler rather than intense.

As the physical body high starts to take effect, this is when users feel their body relaxing. In other words, the cerebral high sets the tone, and the body manifests the wonderful effects of Tuna.

For some people, the absence of the sudden intense hit makes it easy for them to underestimate the potency of this hybrid. Keep in mind, if one smokes too much, the intensity of its effects could start to feel like narcotic, as well as keep the user glued to the bed or couch.


Go to a fish market and smell the air. Of course, it is not pleasant. The good news is that our Tuna strain smells nothing like that. This hybrid is pungent and skunky, but the earthy tone sort of makes it more tolerable.


It is safe to say that the Tuna is not going to win any awards in best tasting cannabis. But while its odour carries over to its taste, it also has a lingering herbal and woody taste. Simply, its taste should appeal to most consumers.

Medicinal Qualities

So, as mentioned in the previous section, there are some who may feel elevated anxiety levels with the use of Tuna. But for the majority of medical cannabis users, the uplifting Sativa effects and the sedating body high helps in relaxation. With that, stress levels drop. Consequently, those who are dealing with depression should find this weed beneficial.

But that is not what Tuna is sought after for. In fact, most medical cannabis users seek out this strain for its capability in helping them find relief from pain. For the legislators who still refuses to legalize marijuana, wait until they are suffering from some horrible disease and have to live with chronic pain, every second of the day.

Aside from helping with mental health and pain relief, one downside of using Tuna is that it causes a person to feel sleepy. Of course, that is not such a bad thing. In fact, insomniacs would find it especially useful.

Finally, as the effects start to subside, there are users who start to feel hungry. It means that anyone who needs help in stimulating their appetite may find Tuna helpful.


3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

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